Juvabun: Quick and Easy Messy Bun

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I have always had thin hair, and the older I get the thinner it gets, which means I’m always looking for a way to add volume or a little something extra to my hair. So, when I started seeing the Juvabun pop up all over my social media feeds, I had to have it.

I ordered my Juvabun directly from the Juvabun website. However, they are also available on Amazon and other sites. I went with the traditional messy bun, but Juvabun also offers clip in ponytails in several styles, halo extensions, straight buns, braids, and bangs. They have a very impressive collection of items to help boost your hairstyle.

The hardest part of the entire process was picking the color of my Juvabun. I lightened my hair for the summer but have been letting it grow back out naturally so I have a mixture of dark and light. I decided to go with the beach blonde messy bun. And while it’s not a perfect match, overall, I am really happy with how it blends in with my natural hair.

I have tried several other clip-in hair extensions, halos, hair toppers, etc. and have always been disappointed and to be completely honest, beyond frustrated and disappointed. So, when I received my Juvabun my expectations were pretty low. When I pulled my messy bun out of the pacakage, I was pretty impressed with the look and quality of the hairpiece. I could not wait to try it out.

Putting on the Juvabun could not be easier! If you can put a ponytail holder in your hair, then you can apply the Juvabun; it is truly that simple. You simply pull your hair up in a bun and then wrap the Juvabun band around it twice. Then just style with your fingers and you’re set. The Juvabun does come with some pins in case you need a little extra support. My hair is super thin and I had no issues with my messy bun staying in place. I did not need any extra clips or pins.

Okay, so it’s easy to put in (watch my TikTik video below). But, how well does it hold up? Again, Juvabun did not disappoint me here. I have worn my Juvabun on multiple occasions and it holds up surprisingly well. On one occasion, I did have it come partially undone. But, this was during a time when I was being a little more active, as I wanted to put it to the test. I did have to reach up and rewrap it one time around my bun. The first wrap had stayed in place but the bun was definitely starting to slip off. In the future if I plan to be a little more active while wearing my Juvabun, I will add a couple bobby pins to add a little extra security.


Quick, easy, fun way to achieve the perfect messy bun!! #juvabun #messybun #thinhairhacks

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I have the original messy bun, which is $34.99 on the official Juvabun site. They now have a new version (Messy Bun 2.0) which is $44.99. The 2.0 is supposed to have improved elastic and the site claims it looks and feels more like real hair. I personally have no complaints or issues with my Juvabun. I don’t think anyone would ever be able to tell it’s not real hair. However, since I have not tried both, I cannot make any statements as to whether or not the 2.0 is better. All I can say is that I would highly recommend the Juvabun to anyone who is looking to add a little extra something to their updo. I loved mine so much that I just recently ordered one of the clip-in ponytails. So, watch for that review coming soon.

Have you tried the Juvabun? Or, maybe another hair piece? Or, is there one you would love to see us try? Just comment below with your experience or suggestions. And, if you have pictures of your Juvabun, we would love to see them!