Cirkul Water Bottle, My Unexpected Reaction

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Yes, I am quite aware Cirkul has been around for a few years now, but it’s brand new to me. My sister gifted me my first Cirkul Bottle for my birthday this year. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the Sips to be any different than any of the other flavored water or flavor packets I’ve tried. What are my thoughts? First let’s talk about Cirkul and the concept.

The Concept

The concept of the Cirkul bottle and Sips is that sip after sip you control the flavor, from just water to intense flavor with the flavor dial on each Sip. (Sip is what Cirkul calls their flavor packs) Each Sip equals around 6 bottles of water depending on the flavor, I have noticed some of the flavors I have tried I get 8 or 9 bottles.

Using the Cirkul bottle and Sips per the website helps people drink more water and is Eco Friendly.

Flavorful-you can choose from many different flavors something for everyone-fruity flavors, coffee, and tea flavors.

Healthy-all natural flavors, no added dyes, or colors

Zero calories-no sugar added

Intuitive—the better it tastes the more water you’ll drink

Custom—you are in full control of the strength of the flavor

Convenient—add water turn the dial and go

Affordable-you get at least 6 bottles per Sip

Eco friendly-84% less plastic 99% less carbon emissions

Those are some mighty claims for a water bottle. But Cirkul is not your average water bottle.

My Experience

As I stated previously my expectations were that this would be no different than any other flavored waters or flavorings to add to water. I drank what I felt was a lot of water to start with sometimes flavored but normally just water.

I believe my first Sip was the raspberry lemonade, because I’m all about lemonades. I filled my bottle with water and put my flavor in and turned the dial to 1 which for me wasn’t quite enough for me to really taste it so I turned it to 3 and wow!! I didn’t expect the flavor to be so good, it was actually very refreshing.

I am obsessed the flavors are amazing!! I have tried around 15 different flavors and each new flavor becomes my new favorite. Looking at the website they are adding new flavors all the time and I plan to try them all. I love coffee and flavored coffee so I can’t wait to try the coffee flavors!!

Since I started using my Cirkul bottle I have gone from drinking 4 or 5 bottles of water a day to 7 or 8 bottles of water a day. My bottle goes to work with me every morning. On a typical day at work I would usually buy at least one bottle of juice or other flavored drink. In the long run the Cirkul bottle will actually save me money.

Cirkul does offer monthly subscriptions, which is the most cost-effective choice. For those who prefer not to join a subscription there are other options available. With a subscription the Sips are around$2.50 without they run around $3.50.

Would I recommend It?

10 out of 10 recommend!! Especially for those who struggle to get the water in. You need to give this a try. I really think you will love it and find it much easier to get your water in every day.

In my experience so far, I have not experienced any negatives. However, I can say if you are on an extremely tight budget the subscription may be a drawback. That being said I am on a pretty tight budget but would still buy drinks from vending machines at work. The Sips cost me a lot less so will actually help me stay on budget.

Do you have a Cirkul? If so let us know your experience. If you don’t have one yet and purchase yours also let us know your experience. We love hearing from you.

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