TLM Color Changing Foundation: My Experience

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Color-changing foundation that matches any skin tone… sounds too good to be true, right? That’s exactly what I was thinking when I started seeing TLM pop up all over my social media feeds. If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you know my curiosity had peaked! And you also know, it was with a lot of skepticism. But hey, that little bit of curiosity plus a whole lot of skepticism is what drives me to do these reviews.

What Is It?

Now, let’s get on to this “magic” makeup. What exactly is TLM? Well, according to their website, the foundation contains beads that can sense any skin shade and match it:

The exclusive shade-sensing beads are activated by pressure upon application. So, as the makeup is thoroughly blended into the skin, it intuitively transforms to your skin tone for all day, natural-looking color in your perfect shade.

TLM™ Color Changing Foundation – TLM Color Changing Foundation

They go on to say that the foundation is waterproof, fade proof, and completely transfer resistant, as well as lightweight, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, suited for sensitive skin, and contains an SPF of 15. These are just a few of the highlights. For complete detailed information about TLM Color Changing Foundation, check out their page here.

My Experience with TLM

Okay, so we know what the company has to say about the product, but how do I feel about this foundation?

Well, as usual, I ordered the TLM foundation with a great deal of skepticism. Probably the most skepticism I’ve had yet when ordering a product. I mean, how can a foundation magically change to match my skin color? Sounded impossible to me. I was absolutely sure this was a gimmick.

I checked several buying options, including the TLM website, but I found the best deal on Amazon. I was able to purchase two bottles of TLM Color Changing Foundation, which included two beauty sponges and two foundation brushes for only $14.99. I’m not going to lie here; that price had me doubting the product even more.

Test #1

When I first received my foundation, my skin was my usual pale, fair skin. I was preparing to leave for vacation within a few days of receiving it, and I just had to try it out. I was so excited to try it that I completely forgot to take pictures. And I didn’t use it again before leaving for vacation, so I never did get those pictures. Anyway, I applied the TLM color changing foundation to one side my pale face. It went on white just as advertised. I used one of the beauty sponges to blend it in to my skin, and much to my surprise, the color changed. It matched my skin tone perfectly. And not only did it match, but it also made my skin look amazing. I don’t normally apply more than one coat of foundation, but I wanted to check its buildability, so I applied a second coat. It looked flawless. Even more importantly, it felt so light. It did not look or feel cakey or thick. I also loved the quality of the beauty blenders and the brushes. I was truly impressed by everything TLM so far.

On the other half of my face, I applied my usual brand of foundation so I could do a side-by-side comparison. I was surprised at how well the 2 shades matched up. It was almost impossible to tell I had 2 different shades of foundation on. Though, my usual brand was slightly darker. I decided to add a layer of the TLM over top of the other foundation and blend it all together. Again, I was very happy with the coverage. And it was lightweight. Test one was a success and went much differently than I had expected.

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Test #2

I now knew this foundation would match my pale skin, but what would happen after I got a little sun? Would I get the same amazing results? It was time to find out. I packed my TLM color changing foundation and took it along with me on my beach vacation. I was ready to soak up some sun and put this magical foundation to another test. It did not disappoint!

Just like in the first test, I applied my TLM foundation using the beauty blender. Again, it went on white and somehow changed to perfectly match my now tan skin. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing, but there was no denying it, this stuff works!

When I returned home, I repeated test number 2 using the same process as test one. I wanted to see a side-by-side comparison of the two foundations. Unfortunately, I was out of the darker shade of my usual foundation, but I did have another brand in a darker shade, so I used it. The results were very similar to test number one. The TLM again lived up to its claims. You can watch my side-by-side comparison video here.

Final Look
After applying regular foundation
After applying TLM

More Magic

You already know I was impressed by the color changing ability. This foundation lived up to its promise. It blended beautifully with my skin. I was worried that matching would not equal coverage. After all, the whole point of foundation is to cover up our flaws, right? Well, it did just that. My skin looked and felt amazing. However, my experience was much different than ” data-type=”URL” data-id=”” target=”_blank”>Myla’s. My skin felt amazingly smooth after applying the TLM. I felt like I had just used a rich moisturizing cream, where Myla felt like the TLM foundation left her skin feeling sticky or tacky. It may just be the difference in our skin types. Mine is what would be considered normal, where Myla tends to have more oily skin.

This magical foundation also has incredible wearability! Is that even a thing? Lol…Anyway, it lasts all day with no issues at all. I work as a respiratory therapist, so I have a mask over my nose and mouth a lot! The TLM does not rub off. It has impressed me in every sense of the way.

My New Favorite?

Is it possible that this magical color changing foundation could be my new favorite? I really don’t have a definitive answer for that. I mean, I absolutely love it! But I’ve been using the same foundation forever and I didn’t think I could ever be swayed to switch to something else. I have been a loyal user of It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foudation ever since it came out. I have occasionally tried other brands but have never found anything that even comes close. Who would have thought this super budget friendly color changing foundation just might be the one? Certainly not me!

I think I will have to call it a tie for now. Though, I do find myself reaching for the TLM more and more. I’m not quite ready to completely give up on my Bye Bye foundation yet. It has been a favorite for a long time, and I’m seriously struggling with which one I like better. I keep going back on forth. However, I am definitely leaning toward the TLM. With the Bye Bye foundation I need one shade for my pale skin and another for when I’m tan. And, at $40+ a bottle it gets a little expensive. Yet with the TLM, I only need one shade which is the only shade they make. I can get 2 bottles for less than I normally pay for 1 bottle of my usual brand.

Have you tried TLM color changing foundation? If you have, I’d love to hear about your experience with it. Leave a comment or feel free to send us a message.